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Best Online Dating in Canada and Singles Await is the home of the hottest Canadian singles looking to date. Your profile will immediately be viewed by thousands of warm, beautiful women, ready to have fun by joining us. Finding your hookup in Canada becomes easy and time-saving. Canadian singles on our dating site are cultured, respectful, and friendly, and you will also enjoy their loyalty. As, our qualified staff will quickly help you match with a girl that is compatible with you. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or a weekend adventure, our hookup, our specialists are ready. Attractive Canadian singles' profiles are here for you to pick from. Given their love for the indoors and good weather, Canadians are not easy to pick up in the malls or bars and clubs. It is more comfortable to start with online dating sites in Canada before looking elsewhere.

Our goal is to not only help you to find a perfect match, but also one who is close to your town. This is why we have Canadian singles from the northern city of Nunavut, down to Ontario, and cape spear to the East to Winnipeg in the west. The availability of Canadian matches in most towns makes this Canadian dating site the best for local dating. It also makes dating easy since you meet women with which you have a lot in common: shared sports teams, political leadership colleges, and sometimes even religious beliefs. It is easy to meet and date a Canadian on our site. To find a date in your hometown, our modern internal search engine will help make things faster, since you only need to type, “Find Singles near me" on our search bar, and we shall display a variety of available hot singles in your area.

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Dating Canadian women come easy if you use our website. On, we have the most comprehensive collection of women seeking men profiles, and you can be sure to find your perfect partner on our website. Singles seeking to meet Canadian girls and get noticed on the first few minutes of uploading their profiles on our hookup site, and the larger percent end up with happy dates in a very short while. We have Canadian women from all walks of life looking to meet and date you. Canadian women profiles in our database ranging from heterosexual, lesbian, and bisexual. You will also find transgender women ready for Canadian dating on our site. You will also enjoy various Canadian women regardless of their racial identities, religious beliefs, and social backgrounds. This ensures that if you wish to date a Canadian, you will easily find your perfect match.

Singles seeking to date Canadian women have often found their matches in our warm, easy to use chatrooms. Given the hospitable nature of the Canadian people, you will blend in quickly in our Canadian chat, and you eventually find someone to date. Our Canadian chats are civil yet naughty and fun. To ensure that you enjoy your experience, we have stringent anti-bullying rules and zero tolerance for defamation and inappropriate language. Additionally, we do not limit the number of chats you can have on our Canadian dating website. We are aware that communication goes a long way to help you understand your prospective Canadian woman. By talking to each other online, you also get date ideas for when you meet. Finally, our Canadian chat is protected by a powerful firewall to keep your data safe. You can, therefore, have the confidence to make a conversation without data safety fears.

Abraham 28 Toronto

I am happy, and I have to share my story. I have been single for over a year. Loneliness was eating up until I bumped into Onenightfriend, and my life took a turn around. I met this lovely woman, Chantel. We got chatting daily, sometimes for hours. Three months later, we had our first date. Massive love blossomed, and now we are so tight. Thank you Onenightfriend.

Our Canadian Dating Site Success Stories

Our client feedback emails are always filled with amazing stories of dates that started at and had happy endings. Your happy ending is waiting for you in the form of an attractive single girl in our chatrooms. Below we share some of the feedback with you:

Bert 30 Alberta

My name is Bert from Alberta. I must admit I am quite shy. All my buddies had girlfriends, and they kept teasing me since I couldn't date. When I was beginning to give up, my bunkmate in college suggested I visit this site Things opened up like a flash. At the Onenightfriend, I met Zoe. She is so lovely, and having her is worth the wait. I am finally dating, thank to Onenightfriend.

Rosalie 27 Vancouver

I am excitedly happy today, for I have the man of my dreams right here with me. I never thought this would happen until I visited this site. I have to admit I did it just for fun but what came out is fantastic. Thanks, Onenightfriend for hooking me up with Liam.

Alice 28 Montreal

Well, words even fail me. I am pleased with Onenightfriend for the chance to hook and date the love of my life, Logan. We met at the site past midnight when we both could not sleep. We chatted till morning, and since we realized we lived a few miles apart, we agreed to meet in a week. Today, four months down the line, we live together.

Zoe 24 Ottawa

I am super excited. Before discovering this site, so many relationships had gone wrong. When I met Jack at the dating site, I had my doubts if things would work out. Well, I gave a chance. So far, so good. Jack is such an angel. Onenightfriend, you came when I was in real need.

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The more detailed your profile, the more likely you are to attract singles you’re compatible with. So, it makes sense to take some time to make this important page as interesting as possible. You can include information about your appearance, including hair and eye colour and body type, your ethnicity, and your ethnicity and income. You can also share a status to express your thoughts. We strongly recommend uploading a few photos of yourself as we know that profiles with images receive far more views than those without.

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Making contact with other members is easy. Simply send them a flirty wink or a message to let them know you’d like to chat. If they reply and you feel a spark between you, you can always choose to talk in real-time. What’s great is that there are various Safe Mode options to allow you to control who can contact you – this may be useful if you’re worried about privacy.

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If you want to meet local singles seeking hookups quickly, head to our chat rooms. There are always friendly people online, and many of them will be looking to meet someone with your qualities. What’s more, it’s a good way to meet guys or girls who you might otherwise never have considered dating.

You will Find Comprehensive Profiles of Canadian Singles

Our Canadian singles profiles are designed to ensure that you will learn as much information as possible about your prospect match at first glance. The quick-to-read profile helps you save time that could have been wasted to chat up a girl that you end up not matching with. During the registration process, we try to gather as much information as possible about your background, the type of Canadian date you are looking to find, and your intentions.

Our Canadian Dating Site Is Safe

Our data handling policy is made with the uttermost care to ensure that your data is protected. Our trained staff understands the value of data safety and will only use your data to help you find Canada singles on our dating site. Most of our processes are handled internally to ensure that we do not share your data with a third party. Therefore, you can date without data safety fears since what happens on our website stays on our website.

Get Best Dating Advice on Our Canada Dating Site

If you find it difficult to date someone, we regularly post well-thought tips on how to date women successfully. Our staff is always looking for new ways to help your quest for a date and always provide you with the latest dating information. Our advice ranges from online dating, dating spots in your hometown, how to date on a budget, among other topics. These tips are free for all members of our reliable Canadian dating website.

Enjoy Flawless Support on Our Canadian Dating Site

To further make dating at, our customer support system is always ready to help you if you have any difficulty using any aspect of our platform. Our customer support team is friendly, understanding, and helpful and takes the shortest time possible to resolve any issue you raise. You can share your concerns or issues with us using the "Contact Us" page, or you can write a direct email for a quick response.

Casual Dating Tips

Casual Dating Tips Casual dating is fun and a great way to kill boredom. Busy professionals who can't afford the time to date in a long-term relationship enjoy this kind of arrangement. Here are some tips on how to nail a one-night-stand:

Be Ready for Pleasant Surprises

Casual dating is full of pleasant surprises. Here, you meet all types of people, but the common factor is excellent. It is on this site where fantasies meet reality. It is here you find gracefulness and elegance packaged in one individual. You might have a prior definition of beauty, but here you find bountiful grace. Devour your chance and enjoy it.

Do Not Be Rigid

Whereas it is right to have in mind what you want, that should not be cast in stone. The people you meet at might turn your original plans around, and you end up getting more than you bargained for. Positively you should come in with an open mind and flexible thoughts. Sometimes your specifications about age, nationality, or size are demolished, and you find companionship where you least expected it.

Know that Time Flies

At, time flies. The engagements are so sizzling that before you know it, time is up. The good thing is that you can come again and again. You meet happy people out to engage you and offer the most memorable companionship. Every single minute during the dating is surprisingly better than the previous one. You can spend your time long here but never get dull. At times you are at your seat's edge for hours without realizing it.

Be Ready to Give and Take

Like in any relationship, at, the two-way traffic philosophy works. Join with an open mind. The person you meet will have some expectations just like you have. Be ready to give even as you will out to get. Be ready to take an emotional journey like never before. The journey might be as smooth as jelly, or as breath-taking as a roller-coaster, or as bumpy as horse ride. Whatever the case, the adventure is unforgettable.

Be in The Right Attitude

Attitude is an underrated factor in dating, yet it matters so much. As you embark on dating that lovely match, you will meet at, wear the right attitude. Be light and warm. Have the sparkle in your eyes for you to see the flash in your partner's eyes too. Prompt and be ready to be prompted as you know, the first impression lasts forever. It will be to your benefit if your first encounter triggers the urge to have more.